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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"The Law Is.....!!!"

Okay, so we're not in a 17th century English courtroom, but law enforcement is necessary for the successful running of any organization. Therefore, as blogger-in-chief, I find it my duty to put into place a new policy for commenters.

      Before getting into to the nitty-gritty, however, I first want to express my thanks to all those who contribute to my little blog with their interesting and insightful comments. I learn a lot from all of you, and I appreciate the time you expend on making this a more interesting place for folks to visit. To all those who read this blog, please do post your comments, questions, and opinions about the subjects I bring up. I will welcome them with open arms and do my best to respond to them in the order recieved. You all have a special place in my heart, and I keep you in my prayers. Please do the same for me.

     And now moving on to the "Rules of the Road".......

     This blog periodically deals with two subjects that are bound to cause conflict: Religion and Politics. My readers have every right in the world to disagree with what is said here and post their differences of opinon. In fact, I encourage such dialogue and respect those who are willing to engage in it. However, comments that turn a respectful discussion into an antagonistic war of words will not be tolerated. Inappropriate content, swearing, and vulgarity is strictly forbidden. Direct insults against myself and the other commenters will be immediately deleted, and those who have posted them will be blocked from further participation on this blog.

    I do hope this set of rules will be abided by so that we all can have happy, healthy interaction with one another and not run into road blocks of anger-issues or intemperate language along the way. Of course, if there are those who refuse to obey the rules, they may have to face up to a few of my friends........


The Judge 


The Enforcers

The Wolf Hounds




  1. No - not the hounds! lol

    At the risk of having a visit paid to me by Chrissy, Paulie, Puss, and Sil... the guy in the wig is a judge and not a barrister. It's a full wig, you see; a barrister wears a much shorter one (, although I think a QC wears one that's a little longer?

    (Some people think the wigs are an anachronism. I say, the United States needs to enforce wig wearing in its Supreme Court sessions!)

    In all seriousness... making The Rules obvious and clear and (I think) fair and reasonable at this early stage of your blog can only be a good thing. I hope sincerely that they contribute to your blog's future success.

  2. Yikes - I wouldn't want to meet up with those Wolf Hounds. I pledge myself to the best blogging behavior :-) I do think it's important for every blogger to enforce where they draw the commenting line, and I'm glad you followed suit.

  3. Hi, Alex and Mary!

    @Alex: Don't worry, the boys have great respet for those who can distinguish between different kinds of wigs - LOL! It's funny, because I typed in "English Barrister" in the google images search bar, and a picture of a judge came up instead. However, I have now switched the caption on the picture, making him a judge in both name and wig!

    By the way, I think wigs are super! But apparently when we Yanks tossed out the monarchy, we did the same thing with wigs. What a shame :-(

    @Mary: The Wolf Hounds are pretty fierce, but I make sure I keep them on a short chain ;-) Just think of all the slippers and magazines they would chew up if they ever escaped!

    It took me a few tries to come up with the picture of a white one with the two black ones. I wish they had little plaid sweaters on; that would be darling!

    Thank you both for your support for my new policy. I do hope it will prove to be beneficial for everyone who comes to this blog to chat and express their mind.

    Thank you for stopping by! Please come back again soon.

    God Bless,

  4. Hi Pearl - I agree with every word you wrote. It is your blog & you set the rules. It is always nice to have comments, even if they don't necessarily totally agree with what your point of view. But you don't need to suffer insults or abuse. There are perfectly polite ways to have a reasoned argument.