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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Spirit of Romance.....

has as much to do with a personal state of mind as it does with an emotional attraction between a man and a woman. According to one of the definition, a "romantic" person is someone who is passionate, adventurous, and idealistic, possessing the right temperment to enter into deep personal relationships and to relish the arts. Realists are the opposite of Romanticists. The former group tends to view the world as a glass half empty while the latter tends to views the same world as a glass half full. The former suspects while the latter merely accepts. The former are more concrete in their thinking while the latter often escape into the spirit world to regain their perspective and strenghth.
     As both friends and un-friends have acurately assessed, I am romantically right-brained by nature. I grow more so as time passes, although I work hard to avoid the pit-fall of being naive and one-sided in my view of events. Life must not be viewed through a rose-tinted glass if we are to rise to the challenges that it presents. History and current events are replete with painful and disgraceful circumstances, as I have brought up many times on this blog, and overlooking them doesn't succeed in making them go away. Furthermore, life is not always as black-and-white as many Romanticists like to think. There is always a gray area in life, a shadowlands that make human nature and human actions far more complicated than they seem taken on face value.

     However, if kept in check, romantic tendencies can be used to promote great good. Having a keen appreciation for the beauty and truth around us makes sorry circumstances just a little bit easier to stomach. It can inspire us to fight harder to preserve the things we hold most dear and to champion the causes that are too often abandoned by hard-headed sceptics. Not to say that having realist personality traits is a bad thing, either. Having a tendency to be incredulous and cautious can help one weigh the pros and cons of an action before making impulsive mistakes. Concrete calculations are necessary for running of the world, and if the whole human race was made up of romanticists, most important things involving mathamatics and science would probably never get done. I know that would be the case if everyone was like me, at least! How horrifying!

     The point is that both romanticists and realists have important roles to play in the world, and the world could not do without either group. If they work together to achieve a common goal, they are a power house of dare-devil dreams and well-laid plans. A marevlous combination to have on one's side, really, although it is often extremely difficult to get the two factions to join forces. They tend to criticize each other for having frustratingly different perspectives, and joint operations tend to fall apart before they even gets off the ground. However, there is hope for better relations between the two parties. Indeed, I hope to cultivate them as best I can so that our mutually held beliefs and aspirations can be carried out into the future.

     As far as romance in the "lads and lasses" sense applies, I am in favor of it, as long as morality and sanity remain as major players in the scenes. I enjoy watching clean historical romances on TV and singing old folk songs about soldiers leaving their true loves to fight in a far-away land. I appreciate hearing about other people's marriage plans and am happy to hear about their happiness. (By the way, I want to take the opportunity to say congratulations to a friend in Glasgow who plans on getting married to his fiancee shortly. They went to Cologne, Germany for the Christmas Markets, and he was kind enough to send me pictures of the Cathedral they visited and the bridge where they hung a love-lock with their names enscribed on it. Cheers to ye both!)   

     Anyway, if it's God's will for me, I look forward to the day when I find my "soul mate" who I am able to share my passion and adventures and idealism with. However, I don't have any illusions that the state of married life is sheer bliss. Spits and spats are bound to occur involving empty wallets and broken appliances and whining babies and burnt toast, in addition to everything else life throws in the way. But I do believe that the love of a married couple is based on a love for God, He will give them the strength to overcome obstacles and grow closer in their union. That's the beauty of marriage for a Catholic. The vocation of marriage is not merely a thing of earth, but also a sacrament blessed by Our Lord. Now is that romantic, or what?

The Spirit of Romance



  1. So does the picture you posted depict Robin Hood a/Maid Marian? Just wondered because of the the classic woodsman hat:-)~Oh, and best wishes to your friend in Glascow!

    1. best wishes to your friend in Glascow!

      Thanks Meredith! :-)

  2. Hi, Meredith!

    Indeed, the picture is of Robin Hood and Maid Marian. You have good eyes :-)

    I have always been a Robin Hood fan, and when I discovered this picture of google search images, I fell in love with it. I even had it on my desktop for a while, but the picture blurred when enhanced to that extent. This is a much nicer spot for it.

  3. Well since my husband is a complete optimist- glass half full guy- but most definitely NOT a romantic and since I am a realist and yes somewhat sceptic at times but since I am also a Christian = someone who believes in something I can not see or hear I am certainly not an absolute sceptic ,my experience is that these 2 , optimist and realist ,are separate personality traits to romantic and sceptic.

    Then one has to ask is the pragmatist also a sceptic or is there a difference between the 2?

    Wishing you a blessed Easter and joy in the hope of the resurrection!

  4. Hi, Maryann.

    It seems to me as if most Romanticists are optimists, but, as you pointed out, not all optimists are romanitc. Also, there are different degrees of scepticism. Religious people cannot be complete sceptics, but they can be "sceptical" in their perception of certain events, making them realists in their personality.

    I guess the same applies to pragmatists; they can have tendencies of being sceptical, but they may not be total and complete sceptics. I guess Sceptics and Romanticists are sort of the far right and left aspects of the brain.

    May you also have a Blessed Easter! Thank you for posting your interesting insights.

  5. By the way, I want to take the opportunity to say congratulations to a friend in Glasgow who plans on getting married to his fiancee shortly


    Hiya Pearl,

    Thanks for these kind wishes! Its just under 6 months to go!

    I don't have any illusions that the state of married life is sheer bliss. Spits and spats are bound to occur involving empty wallets and broken appliances and whining babies and burnt toast, in addition to everything else life throws in the way.

    Very true and very astute pearl. There is no doubt that marriage takes effort and is not always an easy path. I think that can often be forgotten in all the excitement surrounding the "big day" itself.

    I myself am looking forward to the marriage preparation courses we have to attend before our Catholic wedding.

    Many people seem to take quite a dismissive view of them, as though they are outmoded, but I think it will have very useful lessons about compromising, communicating and resolving conflicts etc. Volunteer married couples help to run the events, so you are getting it "from the horses mouth" so to speak.

    It can only be a positive thing - even if there is just a single part which we learn something from, it will have been worthwhile.

    That's the beauty of marriage for a Catholic. The vocation of marriage is not merely a thing of earth, but also a sacrament blessed by Our Lord. Now is that romantic, or what?

    Absolutely and very well said!

    Thanks again for the kind wishes. I will forward an address where readers can send their wedding presents to (haha - just kidding! :-p)

  6. Hi, GWright!

    Great to hear from you!

    So have you settled upon a wedding ring, floral arrangements, and the like yet? Wow, 6 months go by pretty fast! I'll pray that all goes well with your preparations.

    Yes, I agree, marriage preparation is very important. Before I ever "go under contract" I'll definately be running through a few courses with my betrothed! Good Catholic ones are always the best.

    Ha, ha, yes, we'll send the truck-load of love-offerings to your street with cans tied to the back to indicate it's in honor of the newly weds!

    Really, though, I would like to be able to send you guys as least a congratulations card when the time comes.

    God Bless,

    1. Many thanks Pearl!

      So have you settled upon a wedding ring, floral arrangements, and the like yet?

      Indeed, the rings were ordered from the Jeweller yesterday!

      My other half has chosen the type of flowers for the altar display / reception dining tables etc, but these have still to be ordered (soon).

      We have almost finalised our order of service too, we just need to give it over for review now: to the priest and the lady organist who is kindly organising our music and choir.

      We are having a wedding ceremony, rather than a nupital mass, (as many guests will not be Catholic - most even,) so it is quite basic and straight forward.

      I hope that we can include a musical prelude too - to occupy everyone while waiting on the bride, (ie to suppress chatter from the guests - lol), and because it seems odd to ask people to sing or play instruments at your wedding but not make the most of their talents and kindness!

      Hope you and yours are well