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Friday, August 10, 2012

"Heart of Oak".....

is one of the most famous British patriotic songs dealing with the guts and glory of native fighting men. Composed during the 18th century, it grew immensely popular and became the anthem of the British Navy. The following is a reflective, contemporary take on the classic ballad, searching for lasting meaning in a society plagued by self-conscious regret.

Heart of Oak

Heart of Oak, well-seasoned wood,
I can feel your presence;
My breast has been your hiding place,
My fathers’ blood, your sustenance

You are our unity and our continuity
Though some may seek to hide,
You are our truest side,
Heart of Oak

Your ancient roots are flawed by years,
Yet they run deep in native soil;
Both good and bad we all must face
For ‘tis the harvest of our toil

It matters not from whence we came;
All your children bare your brand
To fracture now would be but waste;
Together let us always stand

When tyrants tried to pierce you through,
You drove them back with fiery pride;
Let not your fatal hour be
The consequence of suicide

Our fickle world is set for change,
To change the world for change’s sake;
We’re told to look the other way,
To bend our honour lest we break

But in the end, unthinking change
Measures out a petty price;
The greatest worth is in the heart
Of constancy and sacrifice

You are our unity and our continuity
Though some may seek to hide,
You are our truest side,
God save this nation’s pride,
Heart of Oak

Heart of Oak


  1. The song is also popular in the Canadian Navy and is sung at Naval Mess dinners, if I recall correctly.

  2. Nice picture! You always manage to find some great images that relate to your post.

  3. @Byrnwiga: Indeed, I would think "Heart of Oak" might be used in Canada also. After all, the UK and Canada still have quite a few connections, not least of which is your joint head of state!

    @Emerald: Thank you! You're not half bad at finding neat looking pictures for you site, either! I especially like the one of the horse that you use on your profile.