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Monday, February 25, 2013

Here's "A Valentine from God".......

that we found on Catholic! Most of you have probably already read it, since I sent it around via forward message. However, for those who have not, I think the beauty of the concept it too marvelous to miss out on this February!

"My Beloved Child,

Yes, you are my beloved child. I know this is hard for you to believe. You see all your mistakes and failures, all the times you lost your temper, all the times you’ve hurt people, all the times you stayed away from me. You look at yourself and see your failures.

I look at you and see you beauty. I see the love you’ve given to those you encountered in your life. I see the times you tried to love other, all the times you’ve given of yourself. I see the beautiful person struggling to become the person you were created to be.

There is a beauty and love deep inside of you. Right now you may not see it but someday the whole world will look at you and see this rare beauty someone very special and unique, a gift to the world – for you are my gift and my beloved.

So often you’ve been afraid of me. You run and try to hide, hoping that I won’t notice your mistakes. So many hours you spend, doing everything you can to stay busy, too busy to think, to busy to talk to me. You run away from me but I long for your company I long to shower you with my love, to pour my blessings upon you. I yearn to comfort and console you, to be there for you in your pain. My desire is to take care of you. My passion is for you to come to me, seeking me, to know and love me – for that is why I made you.

I want you to know that I know everything you have ever done – and I love you with a passion so intense that human words cannot describe it. Your past is forgiven and forgotten. I remember nothing you have confessed. I passionately desire to forgive you everything. All you have to do is repent and confess.

So come to me; come so that I may pour my blessings upon you. There is so much I want to give you. I want to do so much for you. I want you to know my peace. I want to set you free from the guilt that robs you of your joy; from the fear that plagues you; from the worry and anxiety that is tearing you apart. I want you to know my joy, to know my freedom, to be secure in my love.

Come, now! There is nothing you have to change or do, no improvements you have to make before you come to me. Come as you are. I love you exactly as you are. Just, come!"

"Yes, you are my beloved child....."


  1. Now that I really deeply loved. It is a very warm and embracing valentine. It vaguely reminds me of Hannah Brencher's style of writing. I thank you for the joy of reading it.

  2. Thank you, crusader, and welcome to the blog! I'm glad you liked the Valentine. Do you have any favorite poets? I tend to put up quite a bit of poetry on the blog, some from famous author's, some from my friends, and some from my own pen! Do you write any poetry yourself?

    God Bless,
    Pearl of Tyburn