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Saturday, March 9, 2013

"A Wish".......

is a poem written by our loyal friend and loving reader, Katherine, and it expresses the true essence of  reason for being "A Ringer" ( a term which, by the way, should be applicable to both lovers of the films and the books!). It is the poem which inspired me to write "My Daydream", and taps into the reason why all human beings wish and dream, whether it be about history or fantasy!

"A Wish"

O let me walk in the Elven-lands, where the stars are clear and white,

And let me hear the Elven-songs, and see their dark eyes bright.

O let me wander in the lands that are beyond my reach,

And let me learn to know a word or two of Elven-speech.

 O let me hear the Halflings sing of hearth and home and day;

O let me come to Middle-earth! – it can’t be far away.

O let me find old Strider in the corner at the inn,

And let me see him wield the sword that has been made again.

And let me in the hobbit-hole to hear the hobbits laugh,

And let me see the wise old man who leans upon a staff.

And let me see his fireworks! Let me meet Pilgrim Grey!

O let me come to Middle-earth! O let me find a way.

Let me join the Conspiracy that Merry planned – so kind!

And let me meet the loyal friends who would not stay behind.

And let me come to Rivendell, and see the beauty there,

And let me climb a mallorn-tree, and breathe the Elven-air.

And let me sing with Elves and Hobbits all along the way;

O let me come to Middle-earth! if only for a day.

Show me the stars from Weathertop; let me feel the cold, black sky,

And sit with hobbits round a fire, and see the shining eyes

Of Strider; let me hear his chanting voice deep, as he tells

An ancient tale of Middle-earth; and hear sweet Nimrodel;

And Entish, Frodo’s fiddle-song, and fair Luthien’s Lay;

O let me come to Middle-earth! for there must be a way.

O let me join the Fellowship; pray make their number ten!

And let me see the Company forge friendship without end.

And let me hear the mighty horn of Gondor make its cry,

And let me see the eagle as he soars across the sky.

And let me share their friendship, if but for a little way;

O let me come to Middle-earth! if only for a day.

And let me come to Moria, though there I will find pain;

For sometimes sorrow must be, if one shall rejoice again.

Then let me see the White Rider in all his glory bright,

And let me follow Frodo as he stumbles through the night.

And let me share adventures, songs, and stories on the way,

Please let me come to Middle-earth! O let me find a way.

O let me taste of lembas, pray, or take an Entish draught;

And let me see the Ents – I’m sure they’re quite beyond my thought.

And let me meet, in Lórien, the Elven Lady fair,

And let me hear the stout dwarf ask for a strand of her hair.

And let me see the setting sun upon the narrow way –

O let me come to Middle-earth; if only for a day!

Let me look in the Mirrormere; and in the Entwash wade;

I want to be there when the Elves reforge Andúril’s blade.

Let me try on an Elven-cloak; hear Legolas’ bow sing;

Let me find Mithrandir and know the joy that hope can bring.

Let me follow the White Rider! Let me come, if I may,

O let me come to Middle-earth! O let me find a way!

And let me look on Orthanc, and watch Théoden find his power,

And let me see how men are who they are in darkest hour.

And let me learn how who they are reflects upon myself,

I want to see the friendship grow between the Dwarf and Elf.

And let me look for Oliphaunts among the shadows grey;

O let me come to Middle-earth! if only for a day.

O let me hear the beating hooves of the Rohirrim strong,

Take me to Sam, in the Tower, and let me hear his song.

Show me the hobbit and woman who defeat the bane of men,

And let me see the loving friends who bring them back again.

And let me see the Hunters Three whose feat is beyond praise;

O let me come to Middle-earth! For I shall try always.

O let me see the shaft of light that brings Sam hope anew,

And let me hear Frodo resolve to do what he must do.

And let me hear Pippin’s bath song; and Bilbo’s song of Strider;

And show me noble Shadowfax carrying the White Rider.

And let me see their final charge, to Mount Doom or Black Gate;

And let me see how love at last shall triumph over hate.

O let me hear victory ring upon the break of day!

O let me come to Middle-earth! O let me come and stay.

O let me see the faces of so many of my friends;

And let me share their journey, though I must go back again.

They leap from dusty pages and take shape within my mind –

How is it that, within their world, my own soul I can find?

I shan’t forget their voices, if I never hear them ring!

How is it that I read of them, and yet can hear them sing?

O let me hear those voices! as they greet the light of day!

O let me come to Middle-earth! There has to be a way!

I don’t belong in this world here – where shadow reigns, it seems.

I cannot love what this world loves – I’m tired of its schemes!

Then let me visit Middle-earth, where the Free Folk are yet true,

And where they know what courage means, and see their duty through.

I want to go where, however the dark keeps biting more,

They know there’s good beyond despair – and it’s worth fighting for!

Let me go where they hold to hope and always do what’s right,

And, if I must come back, their faith will shine throughout my night.

Let me go for a visit, then, although I cannot stay:

O let me come to Middle-earth! for there must be a way.

Then let me come to Middle-earth, and leave this world behind:

O let me wander in the woods and see what I might find.

O let me wander in fair lands so far beyond my reach;

O let me meet my friends and know the lessons that they teach.

If you but let me visit there, this I can promise well:

I shall return a better person in this world to dwell.

If I can only journey there – when I return, I’ll see –

I know I’ll find a better self than what I used to be.

Then let me hear the voices of the Fellowship, and say:

O lead me on to Middle-earth! For I shall find a way!

O let me go on with my friends, when death seems near at hand,

And let me share their sufferings when they make their last stand.

And let me share their faith – that at last Providence holds sway –

I know that it will strengthen me when I return someday.

O let me come to Middle-earth: it can’t be far away!

Yes, I shall come to Middle-earth! – I know there is a way.

"O Let Me Come to Middle Earth....."


  1. Beautifully expressed reasons why fantasy is so appealing. Lovely song!

  2. For once, I can understand the sentiments of a poem. I also visit Middle-earth every time I read the book! :) Playing Lord of the Rings Online helps, too, because you can actually see what Tolkien was detailing in the story.

  3. A rare and excellent use of fourteeners! Bravo!

    I want to go to Middle Earth too, but my special weakness is wardrobes. :)

    - Mack in Texas

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments! And thank you, Pearl, for the honor of my poem being included with the many great works on your blog. (I'm still tickled that you like it so much! : )

    I do especially love Middle-earth for its distinct Catholic flavor. I was actually trying to write an article for a LOTR-themed edition of a Catholic magazine, and simply couldn't get my thoughts straight. So I finally went to bed, but before long was forced to get up again when the opening lines of this poem came dancing through my brain... to be honest, I almost didn't crawl out of bed to write it down, but I'm glad I did! : )

    Thanks again!

    - Katherine

  5. Beautiful poem, Katherine! It summarizes the longings of every loyal Tolkien reader so well:)

  6. Thank you, Meredith! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    - Katherine

  7. Your most welcome, Katherine!

    As I've mentioned in the past, "A Wish" really made clear to me what all you "Ringers" get so enthused about when reading/watching the exploits of hobbits, elves, dwarves, and men! It's really about virtue, and wanting to be around people with virtue, and wanting to be put in situations where virtue can shine through. Kat, Emerald, Mack, and Meredith confirm my opinion: this is a really wonderful poem! ;-)

    God Bless,

  8. You've got it, Pearl! (Believe it or not, I actually don't like Orcs any more than you do. But the Catholic values and themes more than make up for them.:)

    Thanks again!
    - Katherine