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Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Contrasts in Holy Week".........

is a poem comparing the stark differences between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, written as a Confirmation gift for a London soon-to-be-convert.......

Contrasts in Holy Week

The world is dark before the dawn,
Burning black, with ashes strewn,
Dripping red, with life-blood spilt,
Making springtime flowers wilt

The wind is cold before the light
Whistling through the deathly night,
Mingling with the owl’s cry
As swooping towards her prey she flies

Finding bliss in ignorance,
Mankind believes in nothingness;
Dismissing what they cannot find,
They think the stars have ceased to shine

A man hangs limp upon a tree,
His face twisted in agony,
Destroyed by hate, consumed with love,
His glorious path leads to the grave

To give his life for fickle beings
Who settle for such trivial things,
He let his blood run fast and free
Upon the rocks at Calvary


A candle lit by a glowing spark,
Pervades the space, drives out the dark,
The souls of generations past
Are freed from chafing chains at last

An empty tomb fills emptiness,
Mankind is freed from nothingness
The sting of death is passing pain,
A parched throat eased by heaven’s rain

Bright-feathered birds soar high and sing,
Sweet flowers from the moist earth spring,
And all the earth sunlight enfolds,
Painting the grey sky honey-gold

Clear water pours from a seashell,
Clear as the chimes of a silver bell;
Blest chrism forms a cross-shaped sign,
Giving sight unto the blind

New hope is like a warm embrace,
Kissed with light and sparkling grace;
Prisms shine out from the soul
As Christ claims back what Satan stole

"His glorious path leads to the grave....."


  1. This is beautiful! Thank You (for everything)! ~ Sasch

  2. You're most welcome; I'm so glad you liked it! :-) Thank you for everything, as well.