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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy St. George's Day!!!

     Time to make some roast beef and Yorkshire pudding….It’s a great day for the English! Here’s a hearty cheer for all Anglo-Saxons from a Marylander with ancestors from Dorsetshire!  

     And here's a festive bit I submitted for "Open Unionism" (thanks for everything, Henry!):

    Who would have thought that thisYankee school girl would ever be doing saints posts for a British political blog in the grips of a pre-referendum crack-down? Who would have thought it???  

The Martyrdom of St. George


  1. "And upon this charge cry 'God! for England, Harry, and St. George!'"

    - Henry V

    - Mack in Texas

  2. Hey, Mack,

    I love Sir Laurence Olivier's portrayal of Henry V. As it has been said, his delivery of such inspiring lines could make one charge the gates of Hell!