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Thursday, August 1, 2013

"A Bard's Prayer"......

is a poem comparing the vocation of singer and story-teller to that of the ancient bards who served at the halls of warrior kings/queens. It is also a prayer, asking for the gifts needs to weave yarns beautifully and truthfully.

A Bard’s Prayer

Let me catch the flame
Golden, glittering, glaring,
So my fingers may glow as I hold the pen;
Let me taste the wine,
Sweet, seasoned, simmering;
So my speech is like honey when I tell the tale

Let me smooth the cloth
Crumpled, crude, queer-colored,
So beauty and grace my greet each eye
Let me weave with thread
Silver, star-lit, spider-spun,
So the yarns may flow like a moon-kissed stream

Let my arrow fly
Straight-shot, shimmering, shocking,
To cleave each heart so truth may enter in;
Let my harp strings sound
Merry, moaning, murmuring,
So all may partake in the many moods of life

Let me glimpse the ghosts
Fast-footed, fair-faced, fleeting,
To let the world know of their human hearts;
Let me climb the chain
Twinkling, taught, tenacious,
That connects the present to the haunted past

Let me feel the drums
Pulsing, pounding, puncturing,
So my voice may serve as a battle-horn;
Let my cry be heard
Ringing, roaring, raging,
Above the din of battle and through the soul

Let me harvest jewels,
Unicorn-horns, sword-hilts, and Christ’s hem,
And lay them out in chapter and page;
Let me see it done,
Complete, coherent, concrete,
So this book may bring light to death-darkened eyes

"My speech is like honey when I tell the tale......"

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