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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rainbows and Last Stands.......

feature in this set of poems from Katherine Anne (author of first) and Mack (author of second). Check it out:


My heart leaps up when I behold
     A rainbow in the sky:
So was it when my life began;
So is it now I am a man;
So be it when I shall grow old,
     Or let me die!
-          William Wordsworth

One day is ever bright in memory,
Yet had not crossed my mind for many years,
Much like today: when all the world was wet,
And heavy showers streaked the window-panes,
And, breath fogging the glass, as droplets glad
Danced for my eyes, and pine trees tossed their limbs,
A child peered out, and wondered at the world.
The sun came out, while still the rains were falling;
She tamed the winds, and calmed the thrashing trees.
Chilled droplets met the sun-kissed summer pavement,
The air was warm as spring and crisp as autumn.
The sun was bright, and we came running out,
Bare feet touched by warm pavement and cool grass,
Crying aloud in wonder at the world,
Pointing with little hands towards the sky.

Down to the street I ran; I ran, and looked.
Stood in the rain and listened to the sound
Of water ever dripping from the trees,
Of water ever flowing in the gutter,
Dipped my toes in the river that was born.
O laughing, merry river in the street!
Bearing grass clippings and leaves on its way.
Drainwater – yet, how glorious to me!

I stood there in the drizzle and the sun,
My hair was wild as I splashed in the street.
Laughing and crying to the windy world,
Wet in the wild, and wondering, and glad.
Called to my siblings, wished to stay forever;
Splashing warm water rushing round my toes,
Dripping feet tickled by soft blades of grass.
Hearing the droplets tinkle in the treetops,
Yet most of all, delighting in the rainbow.

O rainbow, queen of storms, ‘twas she that drew me!
Toes in the stream, my dreams still in the sky!
Elusive sign, a glowing, glinting glimmer,
Pale, bright, ethereal vision of the heavens,
Delicate, airy image of a dreamland,
And yet, real as the raindrop on my finger –
A fairy-tale is shining in the sky!

O wonder of all wonders, smile of heaven!
O fleeting sign of God’s eternal blessing!
Bright glory raining hope upon the earth,
Telling me of that rainbow long ago,
When God said – “I set my bow in the clouds,
And you shall see – a sign to stand forever,
A covenant,” – and now I know ‘tis true.

And – just now – a soft raindrop kissed my cheek,
And, looking up, I see the shining promise.
For – even now – this sight forever calls me
Back to that tale, that promise, long ago.
And even as it softly, slowly fades,
Still I gaze, seeing all that I once saw.
For, all at once, I am that child again,
Crying aloud in wonder at the world,
Standing in the street looking at the sky.

“This is the sign I am giving for all ages to come…
I set my bow in the clouds to serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth.”
Genesis 9:12-13

The Little Bighorn

A mist, but not of memories or ghosts,

And not a silent mist - a noisy one

Drifts darkly over this altar to the past

The docent pauses for each motor home

Gear-growling up the unexpected slope

Along the road from that point to this one

Well-paved and posted: fifteen miles per hour

For cell-‘phone shots where each historic death

Is marked with stones among the sunlit grass

The docent speaks of her peoples: Cheyenne,

Arapaho, Sioux, and soldier boys blue

With frequent and reflective pauses as

A Winnebago circles Last Stand Hill

"O Rainbow, Queen of Storms....."

"Sioux and Solder Boys Blue......"



  1. In spite of the contrast of topics, I notice both poems have essentially the same structure and meter, and both are kind of about nostalgically looking back at something. An interesting set!
    Anyway, good job to Mack, and thanks for the publication honor, Pearl!

    - Katherine

  2. It's was a pleasure to feature such a great set of poems, Katherine, and you're right about the fact that they do have similarities in the area of meter and mystique! ;-)