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Friday, January 31, 2014

"Behind the Silver Screen"......

is a new blog I have started for the specific purpose of seeking depth in motion pictures form a spiritual perspective. I know I've done a fair amount of movie reviews on here already, but they were always bunched together in groups, and I couldn't give each film the full time it deserved. I also tended to be more choosy about which films I reviewed, and only did ones which I could think of something nice to say about!

    With this new launch, I plan on doing a full-length post for each individual film. The lengths will no doubt vary regarding how much I have to say about a given flick, but there will be much more room to move than the style in which I have been reviewing here. Also, over yonder I plan on covering "the good, the bad, and the hoaky", taking jabs left and right as I see fit! Perhaps it will prove amusing.....;-)

    So, anyway, do check out my "new baby", in addition to frequenting LB&RB! Here's the new address for it:

Lights, camera, roar, MGM Lion! 


  1. Sounds good, Pearl! I'll look forward to reading future reviews!( And speaking of movies, hope to get together with you again soon- perhaps to finish "Phantom of the Opera"??:-)

  2. Thanks, Meredith! I agree, we must get together (hopefully this month!) and finish the enthralling saga of the Phantom-under-the-Opera! ;-)