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Saturday, January 4, 2014

The 2nd anniversary.......

of our beloved "LB&RB" has arrived! In honor of the occasion, the incomparable "blog bard", Mack from Texas, has honored us with some lovely verses  in honor of the mother country below. In addition, we have, for Little Christmas, an evocative poem from him about the magic and mystery of this Holy Season. Thank you, Mack, from the bottom of my heart! 

Longbows and Rosary Beads

For Pearl of Tyburn

Our happy England is Our Lady’s dowry
An island of longbows and rosary beads,
Where we are proud to work, to pray, to fight,
To love the land and sea and misty skies 

Our happy England is a thoughtful land
An island of writers, scholars, and rogues
Whose stories, sonnets, songs create new worlds,
A commonwealth of art for the ages 

Our happy England is not bound by coasts,
By distances or time.  
Our island is 
An empire of the mind, as Churchill said,
The blessed Avalon of our hearts’ desires.

Within the Octave of Christmas
For Eldon Edge,
Patron of Christmas Bonfires

The wan, weak winter sun has long since set
And on the edge of stars a merry fire
Sends sparks to play among the tinseled frost
That decorates the fields for Christmas-time.
Within this holy octave, families
Concelebrate with children, fireworks, jokes
This liturgy of needful merriment.
The Holy Child is safe in Mary’s arms,
Saint Joseph leans upon his staff and smiles,
The shepherds now have gone to watch their sheep,
And all are safe from Herod for a time.
Our Christmas duty now is to delight
In Him who gives us joy this happy night.

Robin Hood Will Scarlet
"An Island of Longbows and Rosary Beads....."

Houston-area happenings Dec. 14-21
"A wan, weak winter sun has long since set....."


  1. Happy Birthday, Longbows and Rosary Beads! And thank you, Pearl, for keeping it alive and going these past two years- I've neglected to leave comments on all of your posts, but enjoy reading them just the same:-)

    By the way, I hope you are keeping warm these days!;-)

  2. Thanks for the blog b-day wishes, Meredith! You have been a very loyal follower, and I appreciate all the comments you are able to leave!

  3. Congratulations! Here's to the next year. :)

  4. Thanks, Emerald! And cheers to your blog as well!