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Monday, February 10, 2014

A poem for this past Superbowl......

from our dear friend, Mack in Texas! And it is a penetrating analysis of the football frenzy that swept the nation, if I do say so myself.....;-)

Super-Servile Sunday

O sink not down to that corrosive couch,
Docile before the Orwellian screen
That regulates the lives of the servile,
Dictating dress and drink, demeanor, dreams;
Declare your independence from the sludge
Of vague obedientiaries who drowse
Away that empty lives in submission
To harsh, diagonal inches of rule,
Poor weaklings chanting tainted tribal songs
In chorus hamsterable, huddled, heaped,
While costumed in their masters' liveries,
And feeling little while thinking even less,
The very model of the State's non-men,
Predictable and dull, submissive ghosts
Crowded, herded in cosmic cattle chutes,
Reflected in dim, noisy nothingness.

But you, O you, be not of them, but be
A wanderer in the moonlight, one known

To God and to His Holy solitude

Super Bowl Trailers 2014
"Docile before the Orwellian Screen....."

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