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Saturday, June 14, 2014


is a poem I wrote for this Flag Day/Father's Day/Trinity Sunday! Since all these things happened in one weekend this year, I figure I would try to tie together the "three-in-one" aspects of each. And the connection with all this? Well, my father is the one who inculcated with a deep reverence for our national flag and puts "Old Glory" out on our front porch every flag day. Also, my parents were married on Trinity Sunday many moons ago! So all my best wishes and blessings to all the fathers (especially and particularly my own, "Mr. B., the Entertainer's Entertainer!"), and flag wavers, and Christians seeking to grow in a deeper appreciation of the Mystery of the Holy Trinity.


Red, White, and Blue,
The three-in-one
With stars and stripes
Together spun

Old stars seem new
And gleam as bright
As at Baltimore
On that long night

The stripes seem fresh
As wounds just cut
Who can claim her
Who’ll scorn that hurt?


Father, Son, and Guide,
The three-in-one
Three golden keys
Together strung

The stars They made
Like burning coals
And man they shaped
With a living soul

The stripes They bore
On the back of Christ
So the stars might stand
On the longest night


Father, Mother, Child,
The three-in-one
Through joys and trials
Together clung

Foundations built
On sturdy roots
Through love given
That bore fruit

On Father’s Day
The Flag flies free
And the colors match
The Trinity

"The Stripes They Bore on the Back of Christ....."

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