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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

There are loads of things....

I've been meaning to write about on here, but have yet to get the chance to do so: The 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, the upcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the difference between American and Scottish Independence, the battle for and against the Confederate flag in Virginia, the Seal of Confession Controversy in Louisiana, The Anglican Church allowing female bishops, my own recent adventures involving my SAR state level win, an antique arms show, a friend's graduation party, and a birthday luncheon at The Olive Garden, etc.

    Plus, over at "Behind the Silver Screen", I have been eager to review some films I watched in the last few months (Tangled, Master and Commander, Gettysburg, Last Chance Harvey, The Phantom of the Opera, Brave, The Original Star Wars Trilogy, Prince of Thieves, Princess of Thieves, Excalibur, etc.), and with regards to "Union Jack Chat", I have about six unfinished interviews with British Unionists (who are being real peaches to help out with this project, since I am pretty much an unknown and a foreigner to boot!) and the time crunch is evident with the referendum set for this September 18.

    But unfortunately life has just gotten in the way of my writing endeavors, and I've been especially busy with a private online magazine for Catholic homeschoolers and homeschool graduates, soon to be released to the public for the first time (updates to come)! Also, on an even larger scale, my dad and I will be driving to South Carolina so I can compete in The Sons of the American Revolution National Orations Contest, as the Representative of my native State of Maryland. It's a real privilege...not to mention pressure!

    But anyway, if my loyal readers don't hear much from me from here on out, it's because I'm heading to Dixie this Thursday or Friday (we're thinking about breaking up the 10 hour drive in half) and will be there until Monday or Tuesday. Afterwards, I may just need a little breathing time to relax and rewind, but more than likely I'll also be crazily eager to gush about everyone, so you'll probably hear from me sooner than later! Thanks for always humoring my gushes! ;-)

    I would be especially appreciative for your prayers at this time, as it is all getting a tad stressful. Also, please pray for my dad who is currently going for daily radiation for his returned prostate cancer. So far so good, but he is quite exhausted from it all, and this contest really lands at very bad timing. But as my coach, he and I have both put in too much time into the whole project to back down now. Plus, the SARs would probably tar and feather us! Anyway, we could definitely use my prayers.

    So until my return (when I hope to catch up on my would-be posting)....Chair-ho and God bless!

"South Carolina, here I come...."


  1. Dear Pearl,

    Best of luck in South Carolina! We saw your picture in the CCTimes after your local win. Please tell your dad we are praying for him and will offer an hour of Adoration for his healing tomorrow..

    Miss Jenny

  2. Most Excellent Pearl,

    I will pray for your father, and on Sunday will light a candle for him at the image of Our Lady of LaSalette.

    Bona fortuna in the competition!

    - Mack in Texas

  3. Hi, Miss Jenny!

    Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for the well-wishes. Wow, so you got that paper? My fame is spreading, lol! ;-) My dad really appreciates the prayers for him, as do we all!


    Thank you as well for the prayers to Our Lady of LaSalette! Do you have a special devotion to her?

    God bless,