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Monday, August 11, 2014

"Divine Time"...

is a song/story written by my father, Bruce Robert B, beginning with an actual dream he had about St. Philomena before he had ever heard of her. Since today is the feast of St. Philomena (Santa Filomena, in Itlaliano!), and this week marks 20 years since the events depicted in the song occurred, I thought it "timely" to post the lyrics/narrations text below, as well as the link to our musical recording of the song from 2007:

"Divine Time"

In Your Divine Time, Lord, in Your Divine Time,
One chime at a time, in Your Divine Time

Thy Will be done on earth as in Heaven

The following testimony tells of the Providential Care of The Blessed Trinity. It is a hopeful message for those devout souls who have prayed through the intercession of the Angels and of the Saints for God's miraculous intervention, trusting their loved ones to His Mercy as He interweaves His Heavenly Guides as threads of hope within the tapestry of our lives in His Divine Time. 

In Mother Mary's month 
We honor Joseph too
On that first of May
Patron of worker's day
And Head of our Homes

I had a dream that night 
A distant, lucid view
A scene beyond belief
Of one entombed beneath
Engraved stones

A sweet serenity
Was flowing through the breeze
I didn't see her face
Wasn't e'er a trace
To explain her

It seemed I knew the name
Of she who once was there
Before her soul took flight
Into Heaven's light

Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord

   We were inspired to trace the life of this 13-year-old, 3rd century martyr whose relics were discovered in the catacombs of Rome in 1802 with tiles inscribed "Pax Tecum, Filomena". Enshrined in Our Lady of Grace Church in Mugnano, many were favored by miracles, declaring her "The Wonder Worker of the 19th Century", and through private revelation, she revealed her story. 

I was a princess
With my family
Went to visit Rome
Far away from home
We were Grecian

An evil emperor
Wished to marry me
Possessed with envious pride
I vowed to be Christ's bride
Not Diocletian's

For thirty-seven days
Imprisoned, tortured too
Then Our Lady came
Three days more of pain
And sacrifice

The arrows turned around
Anchors ropes unbound
Though they beheaded me
God saved my purity
To Paradise

Santa Filomena, ora pro nobis! 

    She was proclaimed Patroness of the Living Rosary and the Children of Mary. St. John Vianney made her known throughout Europe. In America, we had litanies, novenas, and processions in her honor, and we believe she did intercede. After five years of Holy Matrimony, my wife was with child. We went in thanksgiving to her shrine. Blessed with her relic, my bride broke into a fever. Anticipating the baby's early arrival, we were rushed through the feast day celebration by the shrine's maestro, Nello, to Avellino's hospital at the foot of the Mount of the Virgin. 

There is a sacred place
In old world Italy
High up near the clouds
Where the faithful crowds
Ascend and pray

This ancient pilgrimage
To Monte Virgine
From the valley goes
Through Avellino's
Village Archway

On our Queen's vigil
In St. Anne's Hospital,
An answered novena
Our beloved Bambina
Sunday was born

We heard the chapel bells
Echo in the eve
While processing priests
Rang in the August Feast
Of Assumption morn

Ave Maria, Gratia Plena!

     She was born 3 months early, and we were told that she didn't survive. As we offered her to God and named her Filomena Marie, the breath of life appeared. The nurses called her "Piccola". Our little doll graced us for just 15 days before ascending to Paradiso. She rests in a white mausoleum in Mugnano in the Provence of Avellino. Fr. Giovanni and the parishioners of the Sanctuario beseeched their miraculous saint for another blessing. After 40 days in the country of the Eternal City, we returned to America and our home in Maryland where we soon conceived our lovely Avellina Marie. 

Blessed be the Holy Trinity!
You've come into our lives with your charity!
The first fruit of our new family tree
This precious gift you have given 
We offer to thee

Through the anointed hands of Padre Giuseppi
Baptized into heaven was she,
Santa Filomena Marie
As we lift up our voices to Thee
With Avellina Marie

In Your Divine Time, Lord, in Your Divine Time,
One chime at a time, in Your Divine Time

In Your Divine Time, Lord, in Your Divine Time,
One chime at a time, in Your Divine Time

Msgr. Giovanni Braschi celebrates mass at the reliquary of St. Filomena 

The Sanctuario of Santa Filomena would deeply appreciate any donations to propagate
the devotion of St. Philomena and maintain her Shrine in the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace,
Mugnano del Cardinale, Avellino, Italy.

The donation page is here:

In thanksgiving for the kindness, hospitality, and prayers of Msgr. Giovanni, the Shrine Staff, and the good people of Mugnano, proceeds from "Divine Time" online track will be contributed to their worthy cause.

St. Philomena, powerful with God, pray for us!