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Friday, September 19, 2014


There is so much to be said, so very much to be said. The United Kingdom survived this dark night, as The Scottish Independence Referendum closed with a 10% lead for the No Campaign. Needless to say, we've all been through quite a wild and emotionally intense ride, and I have stories galore about it that I would love to relate. But in a few days....after I unwind my nerves and get some much-needed shut-eye after pacing the floors into the wee hours waiting for "Prussians or the night"!

I'll close with this statement: I fervently believe that Our Lady of Britannia intervened on our behalf, and I swore to spread her devotion under that title should she graciously give us victory, and that the 18th of September should be remembered as her feast day. Ironically, before the vote was out, I completed the recording of my original song, "Our Lady of Britannia", nervous half to death about the outcome and hoping that she would accept it as my personal plea, and the plea of all the British people. I believe she accepted it.

There is a rocky road ahead for Britain as she will strive to reunify her people and revise her constitution. But I believe that her people have the courage and intelligence to face the winds of change and weather them. By the Grace of God, I do believe she will come out of this for the better. She is better together; the World is better having her together. We are deeply, deeply blessed.

Until my next post, I congratulate The British people, and thank everyone for their prayers and support in this cause. May God comfort all those suffering the pains of defeat right now, and may we all show a spirit of reconciliation to them as we strive to rebuild and renew this society.

Our Lady of Britanna, Ora Pro Nobis!


  1. I pray to God and invoke the prayers of Our Lady of Britannia that you are right. The great nations joined in the Union should be joined in love, and not in political scheming.

    God and Our Lady bless the Islands.

  2. I hope you do not mind me making this comment, but I will start off by saying that Britannia is originally of Roman Origin and not really 'of' Great British origin, as I am sure you are well aware.

    With regard to the referendum do you not feel, as a Catholic, that the dismantling of Great Britain would be the most obvious step to bringing back the one true faith to these shores. The fact that we have 'a Great Britain' means that the psyche of the English and Scottish people is firmly set in this protestant era of history.

    Whilst there is a 'Great Britain', which has only been around for 300 years, the Roman, Anglo-Saxon, and Medieval CATHOLIC 1500 year History is dead and buried and will struggle to resurface.

    There is a monument to the Royal Catholic Stuarts in the Vatican. The rightful heir to the English and Scottish throne is a Catholic known as Franz Duke of Bavaria. He is the rightful heir of the House of Stuart. The Hanoverians and Saxe-Coburgs (now the House of Windsor) are 51 times removed from the lineage of the throne i.e. they rejected 51 Catholics who were in line to the throne before they could find a protestant. I would be quite happy to have this man as King.

    Have you seen the new depiction known as Bonnie Prince Jesus which is growing in popularity and in adorned in the Stuart Tartan.

    I love your blog by the way, I just wondered in this instance (and I may be wrong) that dismantling the Union would see Catholicism re-emerge again as the countries would have to re-discover their primary history which is based on Medieval Catholicism.

    Just a thought....

  3. Most Illustrious Mack,

    I'm sure your prayers will be of great service to the people of The Isles! Whilst we should fully except a fair amount of scrounging around as the Brits struggle to strike an equitable deal for federalization (and that's really only natural!), I agree with you that, in the end, these peoples must be joined in love, and we should fervently pray for that intention.

    @Ora Pro Nobis: First off, thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment, and I truly appreciate that you enjoy reading my blog. I've noticed that you are quite "out and about" on the Catholic blogosphere yourself, and I look forward to looking into your own blogs further!

    With regards to "Britannia", the Latin word for Britain, I do indeed know that the name was coined by the Romans, but over the years, it has been adopted by the British people, English and Scottish alike, and suitably represents the whole island, as a united entity. And that united entity, I firmly believe, has been a force for immeasurable good throughout the world. Shameful crimes were committed in her name, certainly, as has happened with all nations. But just like my own country, I believe that she has so much to be proud of and so much potential.

    I do not believe that the destruction of the UK would have brought about the restoration of Catholicism by any means. Far from it. A new modern state of Scotland would not have been some medieval Catholic Utopia; rather a secular weakling, a victim of her own identity crisis, economic disintegration, and inability to punch her weight in the world or even in her own circle!

    One of the things that makes Catholicism so resilient is her ability to take and make the best out of any developing culture, and she did so with the British one. One of the prime examples of this is Bishop Alexander McDonell, an extraordinary Scottish Catholic who served as the first official Catholic chaplain in the British military since the Reformation.

    My perspective on history is that NO part should be buried at the expense of the whole, and that means taking a balanced view of all periods. We are the ones who must assure that British history, before and during the Union, is taught to posterity accurately, lamenting what should be lamented and celebrating what should be celebrated. That is what patriotism is, and as Catholics, I believe we should be patriots. We should support unity, not division. Just like in a marriage, the English and Scottish have been welded together into a single entity. We should protect that, not split it up for no reason at all.

    As for the Stuarts, I find their saga quite compelling, and yet I do not view their descendants as carrying on some divine ordinance to rule the British Isles. The Pope himself recognized the House of Hanover in 1766.

    There are so many different elements to this discussion, I think you have inspired me to write an extended blog post about it! Thank you for that :-)

    Anyway, would you be interested in listening to the "Our Lady of Britannia" song I recently recorded? Being a British Catholic and prolific blogger, your thoughts on it would be much appreciated!


    P.S. I love "The Bonnie Prince"! He's adorable! ;-)