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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cuddly Carnivores and Sgt. Shultz....

presented impeccably by friend-of-the-blog, Magnificent Mack from Texas! 

Cuddly Carnivores

Why do we humans cuddle carnivores
Give names to yapping little quadrupeds
Who growl at socks and shoes and closet doors
And rumple all the covers on all the beds? 

What possible use is a dachshund pup
Who chews whatever her tiny teeth reach
And what doesn’t digest comes right back up -
Little dogs are impossible to teach! 

But in my arms my Astrid softly snores:
That’s why we cuddle baby carnivores


(Intro to Sergeant Shultz by Mack):

     Most episodes of Hogan’s Heroes are usually mere frivolity, but I think that many critics miss a salient point: many of the actors and production staff were Jewish, and some of them were Holocaust survivors. Others were military veterans. All had truly earned the right to laugh at Satan. 

     Johann Bannerman / John Banner was a young Austrian stage actor who was arrested by the Gestapo and imprisoned for a time in a concentration camp. He was able to escape to France. However, when Germany and France went to war he and thousands of other resident aliens were interred in camps behind barbed wire with inadequate food and no protection from the weather. Happily, Bannerman was able to secure exit papers and so survived. He served in the then Army Air Force, and later learned that none of his family survived.  

     And so, I honor Johann Bannerman through a character he loved to play.

Sergeant Schultz Saw Everything

This sad world needs another Sergeant Schultz
That merry miles ponderosus who
Carried his rifle like a walking stick
And celebrated strudel instead of glory 

His innocent joy repudiated
The burning-soul pornography of war
In seeing nothing he saw everything
Through ordinary men living in hope
The liturgy of daily happiness 

This sad world needs another Sergeant Schultz

"That's why we cuddle baby carnivores..."
"This sad world needs another Sgt. Schultz..."

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